• Intoduction to XMP Enhancer Professional

XMP Enhancer is a powerful editor for Intel Extreme Memory Profiles specific for DDR3 SDRAM memory modules. It is a unique applet for easy modificating and integrating XMP profiles. An automatic profile conversion to the latest Revision 1.2 is provided in accordance with the Intel Extreme Memory Profile Specification Rev 1.2.

To call XMP Enhancer, please choose XMP Enhancer command from the Tools main menu or press F7 key. The following window will appear.

If at least one XMP profile is implemented in SPD appropriate fields of XMP Enhancer are filled with data from the profile. Otherwise all the fields are empty.

XMP Enhancer incorporates XMP profiles the most frequently used by PC memory manufacturers. You can integrate these profiles to the current SPD firmware of your memory module. To do that, just choose the desired XMP template from the Common XMP Profiles list. All the fields of XMP Enhancer will be instantly filled in accordance with the selected profile. Before integrating a XMP template to non-XMP SPD make sure the Enable Profile checkbox has been checked. Otherwise integration fails.

Also, you can add your own XMP profiles to the Common XMP Profiles list. To add a new profile to the list, please choose Profile, Automatic Configuration, Add to List. Then enter a name for your new XMP template. In background XMP Enhancer extracts XMP profile from SPD, saves it to file in the XMPTemplates folder located in the root folder of Thaiphoon Burner and adds a new item to the list. Now this item corresponds to your new XMP template.

More over, Thaiphoon Burner allows sharing with XMP templates. You can share your XMP templates with anyone as easy as you can expect! Just move XMP templates files with the emp extension to the XMPTemplates folder and call XMP Enhancer again. Upon starting, it plugs XMP templates to the Common XMP Profiles list automatically.


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