• Introduction to the Write Protection mode of the Hex Editor

When you edit SPD data bytes of EEPROM chip of DIMM in the Hex Editor, by pressing the Enter key on the keyboard you confirm your decision to change the current value of the register. Thaiphoon Burner immediately response to the key stroke and writes the new value of the register into the EEPROM chip of the DIMM. If you are not going to change any data of SPD the Write Protection mode should always be enabled.

The Write Protection mode is used to prevent registers of EEPROM chip from changing. It is strongly recommended to enable it while changing the SPD data by using the Hex Editor. The Write Protection mode is extremely helpful when creating a new or modifying an existed SPD image file. Also, it is not possible to fully or partially overwrite the SPD data of any DIMM if the Write Protection mode is enabled.

There are two ways to enable the Write Protection mode:
1) by pressing the Protect button on the main toolbar;
2) by choosing the Write Protection mode under the EEPROM main menu.

If the Write Protection Mode is enabled the Protect button has a changed caption of 'Protected'.


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