• Common tips to use Timing Table Editor to change memory timings in the SPD image

In order to make clear that question we will choose the worst SPD image we have in our database. It is the SPD image which is related to the DDR-SDRAM PC3200 memory type. We said the worst because that SPD image does not provide both manufacturing information and complete timing characteristic. Besides, due to poor SPD image the system with that memory module seems to be not stable enough. We will try to resolve an issue by lowering the highest CAS Latency parameter and editing delays for some respective parameters.

So, we have opened that SPD image in Thaiphoon Burner. Below you can see the following information on it.

Now we are going to analyze the SPD image with the help of Timing Table Editor which can be activated by clicking on the Editor button on the main toolbox or by selecting the Timing Table Editor command under the Tools main menu. So, on the screen shot below you can see that the RAM clock frequency of 166 MHz which has to be always supported by the PC3200 RAM stick is missed. Besides, the SPD image does not contain values for tRC and tRFC timing parameters.

OK. Let’s fix the lacks! And Timing Table Editor gives us an excellent opportunity to do that in minutes! Please take a look at the screen shot below to check what we have changed.

As we mentioned before, we have set the highest CAS Latency to 3T to make system more stabile. Also, we have added the missed 166MHz clock frequency and assigned 2.5 clock cycle time to tCL at this frequency. Also we have moved a supported 133MHz clock frequency to the third position. As to missed tRC and tRFC timing parameters, we have define delays 60.0 ns and 72.0 ns respectively. We chose that delays in accordance with the similar SPD image of SpecTek memory module based on Micron chips.

The final step of our experiment is saving SPD image into file on the disk or directly into SPD device. Please click Next in the window of Timing Table Editor to go to the final tab. Select a most preferable option to save the SPD image. To demonstrate our new SPD image only we chose Update Hex Editor with new settings.


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