• A quick trick to import SPD data from the Windows clipboard into Thaiphoon Burner Hex Editor

Beginning from version 4.2 Thaiphoon Burner features the new Import from Clipboard command that is located under the File main menu. The main purpose of this command is to import SPD data from text reports created by third-party diagnostic tools.

As you probably know many user all over the Internet uses different forums to discuss and solve their issues related to the hardware or software. Most of them uses different sorts of diagnostic software to provide people a detailed report of their hardware configuration in order to find somebody who could help them quickly.

For example, consider we have got a detailed report that was posted by user at some forum thread. We are aware that EEPROM with SPD data is an ordinary device that is connected to the System Management bus and can be found in 50h – 57h address range that is specific for such type of devices. Now we should analyse the report carefully to find any mention about the SMB device located in that address range. Got it!

Step 1. Select the text dump into a block as a picture shows below and copy it into the clipboard.

Step 2. Run Thaiphoon Burner and choose Import from Clipboard

Excellent! Now you can do with your SPD data anything you want!


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