• How to update an ordinary DDR2 SDRAM stick to be compatible with the NVIDIA EPP specification?

The easiest way to do that is to extract EPP profiles from SPD dump of another or similar RAM stick that features EPP data. So, load the SPD data of your RAM stick into the Hex Editor by pushing the Read button on the main toolbox. Now select an appropriate SPD address that corresponds to the memory module to begin reading.

When the EPPROM data has been read you can update it with EPP profiles. Under the Filemenu select Update Dump with...

Now choose a desired EPP compliant SPD dump file created by Thaiphoon Burner and press the Open button. A new dialog box will appear.

As you probably know, according to the NVIDIA's specification bytes 63h-7Fh are reserved for the EPP profiles. Therefore, we should overwrite this address range with the EPP data from the selected dump file. In the Left-most Hex Value field type 63 and type 7F in the Right-most Hex Value field. Now press Update.

The green cells represent our integrated EPP profiles. The final step is reprogramming the memory module with our updated SPD data. Actually, we have to reprogram bytes 63-7Fh only. Therefore, choose Rewrite Selectively under the EEPROM menu or click on the Write button on the main toolbox and choose the same command.

The SPD Dump Range window will appear.

Now type 63 in the Left-most Hex Value field and in the Right-most Hex Value field type 7F. Make sure the SPD Hex Address contains the same address value that corresponds to your memory module. Set Refresh Hex Editor on completion to checked in order to read the SPD data again after the EEPROM has been reprogrammed. Now click on the Write button to begin reprogramming.

As we mentioned before, the described method is the easiest. Another method of implementation of EPP profiles consists in creating profiles by using EPP Enhancer of Thaiphoon Burner. Despite it takes more time to integrate profiles into the SPD it is more preferable when you need to choose a type of EPP profiles or a number of them. Besides, EPP Enhancer provides more flexible tweaking for all EPP parameters. We also recommend you to run EPP Enhancer before reprogramming EEPROM to be sure you have selected a proper SPD dump file with the suitable EPP profiles for your memory module.


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