January 8, 2016

Thaiphoon Burner Super Blaster has been released. This new version brings a lot of improvements in respect to the industry raw cards of DDR3 and DDR4 SDRAM modules. Thus, two new fields Reference Raw Card and Raw Card Revision have been placed to the SPD Generator form. SPD bytes for DQ mapping are automatically filled up on the base of the selected Raw Card and its Revision. We examined lots of JEDEC Annexes when looking up DQ mapping tables for DDR4 SO-DIMM, RDIMM and UDIMM. Besides, the Row Card fields of the SPD Generator can be automatically selected depending on defined DDR4 component and module parameters. Now Raw Card Revisions higher than 3 of DDR3 and DDR4 modules are determined correctly. On the base of Raw Card information the program can determine initial PCB designer SK hynix, Samsung, Elpida, etc. The Initial PCB designer is a company to be responsible for developing Raw Card (Printed Circuit Board design concept) for JEDEC. All standard speed bins listed within Timing Table Editor for DDR4 have been reviewed and corrected to define tWR, tWTR_S and tWTR_L timings recently introduced in the latest JEDEC DDR4 SPD Specification Release 3. To let these three fields to be filled up the user is required to select the new SPD Revision 1.1 option from the main menu of the Editor. The updated JEDEC DIMM labeling format for DDR4 modules is supported. SPD Browser has been updated to version 5.2 and enables the user to search for memory module reviews on the websites of our friends and partners.

March 12, 2016

Thaiphoon Burner Super Blaster has been released. In particular, this new version brings few helpful improvements regarding Raw Cards and DRAM chip identification. So, the Addressing & Capacity dialog box lets you change Raw Card letter and Raw Card Revision of DDR3 and DDR4 modules. The SPD Browser has a new additional column to display Raw Card for all types of these modules. The second generation of Micron Technology DDR4 SDRAM chips (B-die) is identified if the MT original modules have been detected. Both the full and abbreviated Part Numbers of these components are displayed. The Part Number of 8Gb Samsung DDR4 components with B-die now is displayed for G.SKILL modules. If the SDRAM Manufacturer ID of Samsung has been programmed within SPD of Corsair DDR4 modules the program is trying to build the Part Number of employed components. For DDR4 RDIMMs the program displays the Register Clock Driver model after decoding its Revision Number which is provided within SPD. Montage, Inphi and IDT products are identified.

April 9, 2016

Thaiphoon Burner Super Blaster has been released. This new updated is aimed to bring a lot of necessary improvements to general functionally, user interface and DRAM component recognition. The first addition is JEDEC DIMM Label Coder toolbox which is designed to help memory module manufacturers with building JEDEC DIMM Label in accordance with the latest JEDEC requirements. The toolbox supports DDR3 and DDR4 labeling including NVDIMM. XMP Enhancer for DDR3 and DDR4 SPD can access memory controller configuration registers of Intel Skylake processors to read DRAM timings and frequency to create XMP 1.3 and XMP 2.0 profiles in one click. A low color contrast for unused SPD bytes of HEX Editor is set. This significantly improves analyzing data within the editor. When the search is complete SPD Browser automatically receives a focus to let the user to scroll the results with a mouse wheel. JEDEC DIMM Label for DDR4 modules with 3DS components is built correctly. SPD bytes reserved for DDR4 NVDIMM are decoded to provide with specific information to reports on this product. The program can recognize the newest SK hynix A-die components found on HyperX DDR4 modules. Part number of Nanya DDR4 components is determined. The program is capable of identifying the new single-die and TwinDie 8Gb and 16Gb DDR4 components, such as D9TNW, D9TNT, D9TBJ etc, manufactured by Micron Technology when found on its original memory modules. The last important addition is a unique capability to identify and build the part number of DDR4 components employed for Crucial Technology memory modules.

May 14, 2016

Thaiphoon Burner Super Blaster has been released. The new Settings dialog box has been designed to mange some of the configuration settings of the program. So far, it let you customize watermarks being added to screenshots and change a background image for the Specification Panel of the HEX Editor. The first setting is provided for technical writers and reviewers for the purpose of posting Thaiphoon Burner screenshots with their logo for authenticity. It is allowed to adjust opacity and color scheme and to select the directory for which you want save the screenshots. The second setting is applicable when you need a Specification Panel with the labels on your native language. The Settings dialog box is available under the Edit main menu. Another improvement has been made for DDR4 components identification, especially for GeIL and G.SKill DDR4 DRAM modules. Two new JEDEC Raw Card J and Raw Card H for DDR4 SO-DIMM are supported.

September 7, 2016

Thaiphoon Burner Super Blaster has been released. The most significant addition to this new version is support for the recent DDR4 SPD Document Release 4 which defines new DDR4-2400, DDR4-2666, DDR4-2933 and DDR4-3200 speed bin groups adopted by JEDEC as the industry standard for DDR4 memory. So, the Timing Table Editor and XMP Enhancer for DDR4 SPD contain 15 new standard speed bins both for regular DRAM and 3D-stacked DRAM devices DDR4-2400T, DDR4-2666U, DDR4-2933Y, DDR4-2933AA, DDR4-3200W, etc. For LRDIMM DDR4 modules with SPD 1.2 the program displays DRAM VrefDQ value for each package ranks. The new D, G, E and H revisions of Micron 8Gb DRAM chips are identified. Part Number is displayed for Micron DRAM components if these have been found on Kingston ValueRAM DDR4 memory modules. A-die SK hynix DRAM devices are correctly recognized for Kingston DDR4 memory modules. Another noticeable change is the new color scheme of all dialog boxes. A traditional for Thaiphoon Burner high contrast black color has been changed to medium gray. This should improve interaction with the program. The Settings dialog box has the third tab sheet named Color Scheme. So far, it lets the user to change the color of the Main Toolbar, e.g. you can select white for Windows 10, and the current color scheme for HTML reports.

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