January 15, 2008

Today we are very proud to present the final release of our best software product know as Thaiphoon Burner. For the moment Thaiphoon Burner 5.0 Final is a undisputed leader in its occupation! The fifth version is fully based on our SuperBlaster initiative which makes Thaiphoon Burner our serious intellectual weapon against rivals. It combines a lot of new powerful features such as SPD quick information panel, ultimate SPD data decoder and report creator, SMBase Address Prober, EEPROM text dump import function and SPD Database Net Browser. The last is an extremely powerful feature of the fifth version which provides access to our on-line huge firmware database. Using the Net Browser you can find and request any firmware from 413 our SPD images! Besides, it can connect to OCZ server and download any SPD image you need for free! Widely advertised OCZs SPD-Z Technology is a bluff and can be crashed by anyone less than a minute! Another powerful feature of Thaiphoon Burner is an ability to import EEPROM text dumps of system reports created by third party diagnostic tools such as cpu-z, everest, speedfan, etc. For instance, it helped us to import about 300 SPD images in two days! So, Thaiphoon Burner brings a new fashion! This the best solution for engineers, technicians and enthusiasts who works with RAM sticks every day! Get more news in the Russian Blog

January 27, 2008

Yesterday, OCZ company restricted an access to the repository with SPD firmware for SPD-Z utility. You already know that using a gap in SPD-Z Technology Thaiphoon Burner 5.0 Final could connect to the OCZ web server and read a content of each subdirectory of the OCZflash folder searching for SPD firmware. Now an unauthorized access is closed and you cannot download original OCZ firmware. This access is for OCZ customers and using SPD-z...not for Thaiphoon customers to do with as they please claimed OCZ Memory Guru RyderOCZ. That is true. Nonetheless, will continue to improve our service making it better and more powerful.

February 4, 2008

The updated version of our flagship product knows as Thaiphoon Burner 5.0 Final has been released! First, we would like to inform our customers that we have removed an ability to connect to OCZ server through the SPD Firmware Net Browser. It seems OCZ does not interested in our competition, therefore the company deleted its SPD repository from its website. Secondly, we have fixed a couple of minor errors in our software. For instance, now it is possible to set CAS# to 6T in the Timing Table Editor for DDR2 RAM type. A new NVidia MCP7 system logic has been supported.

May 31, 2008

The updated version of Thaiphoon Burner 5.0 Final has been released! Recently we found out the blaster could not read SPD data if the SIS968 southbridge is used. The lack has been eliminated and Thaiphoon Burner has been successfully tested with our ASUS X50F laptop which is worked under control of Windows Vista 32-bit operating system. Although the kernel driver is not signed yet, Thaiphoon Burner is fully compatible with Vista. Also, we have added an experimental support for the Intel ICH10 hub that is not clearly confirmed yet.

October 2, 2008

Thaiphoon Burner 5.1 beta 1 has been released! New version features absolutely new SPD Report Browser. Now it allows you to view reports without accessing on-line database! Our SPD database is the largest in the Web! It counts 558 SPD images! Also, it is possible to import any file into Hex Editor! This option is very useful when you would like to work with SPD images created by third-party tools. Additionally, the Quick Search option has been added. It performs a quick search for SPD image in the database by part number. Enjoy!

October 25, 2008

Thaiphoon Burner 5.1 RC1 has been released! The new version features EPP data decoder that is used for creating complete reports on EPP 1.0 specific for DDR2 SDRAM DIMMs. If Enhanced Performance Profiles have been found Thaiphoon Burner generates reports with EPP-decoded information. The EPP data decoder supports both Full and Abbreviated profile types. Also, there is an option to measure EPP parameters in memory clocks or nanoseconds. Additionally, we have created an official website for Thaiphoon Burner to support our customers! Enjoy!

November 16, 2008

Thaiphoon Burner 6.0 Prerelease is ready! This new version brings a long-awaited support for DDR2 FB-DIMM standard! It is the fifth memory standard supported by Thaiphoon Burner after DDR3 SDRAM. As usual, Thaiphoon Burner can boast of the new SPD data decoder created for FB-DIMM. It is the highly efficient decoder that fully complies with JEDEC FB-DIMM SPD standard. In order to search FB-DIMM SPD images and view reports the SPD Report Browser has been improved as well. Thaiphoon Burner 6.0 Prerelease has been successfully tested with the Intel 5000V Chipset MCH. This means the Intel 5000Z/P/X Chipset MCHs are also supported although the second FB-DIMM branch scanning is temporary disabled for the Intel 5000P/X Chipset MCHs. This limitation spreads on the Intel 7300 Chipset MCH too. Besides, Thaiphoon Burner 6.0 prerelease features a lot of minor improvements to simplify usage of the software. Enjoy!

November 22, 2008

Today Showshock Softnology proudly presents the final version of Thaiphoon Burner 6.0 SuperBlaster Edition! Now it is an absolute market leader in SPD EEPROM programming software due to the full support for DDR2 FB-DIMM JEDECT standard which is the essential benefit of version 6.0! This standard is the fifth in the list supported by the software after DDR3 SDRAM. We needed less than a month to accomplish our activity on the new edition of Thaiphoon Burner. Now it can detect up to 16 memory modules on two RAM branches, it perfectly reads and writes SPD on FB-DIMM and creates exhaustive reports in accordance with JEDEC FBD SPD data decoding. After the Prerelease 2 the final version brings support for Intel 5100 MCH, Intel 5400A and 5400B MCH Chipsets. Additionally, SPD Report Browser is now capable of reporting a module width and number of ranks of the module while searching for SPD report. Feel the power of Thaiphoon Burner 6.0 SuperBlaster!

December 25, 2008

Thaiphoon Burner update has been released. It features the new Intels SMBus devices list and includes two new bridges of Intel Ibex Peak and Intel EP80579. Additionally, preliminary support for SiS630 SMBus protocol has been added.

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