January 27, 2007

Thaiphoon Burner 3.20 RC3 has been released! The latest version brings preliminary support for DDR2 SDRAM FB-DIMM specification. It is the fourth specification supported by the Thaiphoon Burner utility.

June 25, 2007

The final version of Thaiphoon Burner 3.20 has been updated to version This new release brings support for the Intel ICH9 SMBus controller.

October 7, 2007

Today we would like to present you the public prerelease version of Thaiphoon Burner 4.0! It is the ultimate and outstanding solution for viewing, editing and enhancing SPD firmware. Combining a reliability, flexibility and simplicity, Thaiphoon Burner is the best choice for companies that specializes on RAM production. Thaiphoon Burner 4.0 brings support for two new memory innovations, such as the JEDEC DDR3 SDRAM standard and Intel Extreme Memory Profiles. Now Thaiphoon Burner is capable of decoding SPD data according to the DDR3 SPD3 specification to create detailed reports. Additionally, the fourth version features a new applet similar to the well-known EPP Enhancer. It is Intel XMP Enhancer, a thought-out conception of the editor, designed to work with XMP profiles. Using the XMP Enhancer you can create your own XMP profiles for your DDR3 RAM sticks for less than minute! Take advantages of the latest Thaiphoon Burner 4.0!

November 18, 2007

The final version of Thaiphoon Burner 4.1 has been released! The new version compared to the previous final one features a new advanced SMBus engine to work with SMBus controller of all Intel ICHx I/O controller hubs. We created this engine to be universal. Therefore, it is compatible with VIA VT82xx southbridges and with all ATI IXP peripheral controllers, such as SB700, SB600, SB460, SB450 and other old ATI southbridges. Besides, Thaiphoon Burner 4.1 creates a new enhanced HTML report for SPD DDR2 SDRAM, which provides more detailed information specific for DDR2 SDRAM standard. According to the latest documentation for SPD revision 1.2 Thaiphoon Burner now reports about all thermal parameters of SDRAM components used for the memory module. The most useful parameter from them is TCaseMax which represent the maximum case temperature of SDRAM components. Check your TCaseMax with Thaiphoon Burner 4.1!

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