Thaiphoon Burner is the number one solution on the software market to work with SPD firmware of DRAM modules of PC. It is designed to meet the needs of both end-users and companies specializing in memory modules production for personal computers. Thaiphoon Burner provides powerful features for reading, modifying, updating and reprogramming SPD firmware of SPD EEPROM devices. The program fully supports all popular JEDEC standards for Serial Presence Detects and third-party enhancements, such as NVIDIA EPP and Intel XMP. Comparing to other software Thaiphoon Burner creates the most completed reports for any of the following SDRAM types of DIMM modules: PC SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, DDR2 SDRAM, DDR3 SDRAM, DDR4 SDRAM, DDR5 SDRAM, LPDDR3 and LPDDR4. This is achieved due to universal built-in SPD decoding engine.

Thaiphoon Burner is the first Windows application to have discovered a new popular trend in overclocking by programming SPD content directly on the motherboard of the personal computer. This eliminates the need to use hardware EEPROM programming devices. With the help of Thaiphoon Burner it is possible to program SPD EEPROM devices of DRAM modules with any home, office and server motherboards. No any special skills or devices are required! Besides, Thaiphoon Burner is the only tool to protect SPD content from being programmed by activating the Permanent Software Write Protection feature of the SPD EEPROM device. This makes the utility to be the best choice for DRAM module manufacturers and OEM suppliers.

MacBook Mid 2010 DDR3-1333 issue Intel XMP on MacBook Pro

Depending on your purposes of using Thaiphoon Burner, there are several different types of license to be purchased available. The license cost is also depended on a payment method and license quantity. Showshock Softnology offers three license types: Personal, Business and Corporative. The Personal License does not provide any commercial use of Thaiphoon Burner and is intended for end users only. Both Business and Corporative licenses allows Thaiphoon Burner to be used for commercial purposes with no limitations.

Also, we can accept payments via bank transfer. For more details on purchase and service options, please contact us by e-mail Additionally, you can download our advertising brochure for Thaiphoon Burner software.

Thaiphoon Burner software is distributed as a free DEMO version with no trial period. It is almost fully-featured software during all the time and it does not need to be registered for reading SPD data or creating reports. Once the program has been registered, its registration key is valid only for the current PC hardware configuration and does not allow Thaiphoon Burner license to be transferred to other PC systems. This limitation is removed only for Thaiphoon Burner Engineering Edition.

Features Limitations
Super Blaster
Free Version
Registered Version
Registered Version
SPD Read operation Enabled Enabled Enabled
SPD Write operation Disabled Enabled Enabled
Write Emulation Mode Disabled Enabled Enabled
SPD file image editing Enabled Enabled Enabled
Export to binary file Disabled Enabled Enabled
EPP/XMP Profile Integration Enabled Enabled Enabled
SPD report creation Enabled Enabled Enabled
PSWP Protection Disabled Disabled Enabled
XMP Enhancer for DDR4 Disabled Disabled Enabled
XMP Enhancer for DDR5 Disabled Disabled Enabled
LPDDR4/3 SPD editing Disabled Disabled Enabled
Support for Windows 64-bit Enabled Enabled Enabled
Commercial use Allowed Not Allowed Allowed

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  • HEX Editor
    In conjunction with the Summary Information Panel provides an ability to easily modify data registers of SPD EEPROM device.
  • Timing Table Editor
    Enables quick editing of memory timing parameters without the need of using Hex Editor. Supports DDR, DDR2, DDR2 FB-DIMM and DDR3 SPDs.
  • EPP Enhancer
    Provides EPP profiles integration for SPD in accordance with the NVIDIA EPP Specification 1.0. Designed for DDR2 SDRAM SPDs.
  • EPP2.0 Enhancer
    Integrates support for NVIDIA Enhanced Performance Profiles 2.0 into the DDR3 SDRAM memory module.
  • XMP Enhancer Professional
    Provides a quick XMP extension for SPD in accordance with the Intel XMP Specification. Compatible with any DDR3 SDRAM SPDs.
  • Profile Data Conversion
    From Intel XMP to NVIDIA EPP2.0 that is available for any revision of XMP-Enhanced DDR3 SPDs.
  • Internal SPD Decoder
    Creates exhaustive reports for any type and standard of SDRAM memory sticks in accordance with JEDEC's SPD specifications.
  • Part Number Decoding
    for Samsung, Hynix, Nanya and Elixir DDR2 SDRAM and DDR3 SDRAM memory modules. DDR SDRAM part number decoding is provided for Elixir memory modules.
  • SPD Browser
    Takes advatage of Internet Explorer browser engine to search and view reports on SPDs in the constantly updated SPD firmware database.
  • Micron's SPD Lookup
    Implemented in the latest SPD Browser 3.0 to search for the most current SPD data in the module part catalogue on the Micron Technology web site.
  • SM Base Address Prober
    Applies brute-force attack to search for the SM Base Address by using a classic SMBus communication protocol compatible with ATI/VIA/Intel chipsets.
  • Write Emulation Mode
    Prevents SPD data from being written accidentally or when editing the data in Hex Editor. Enables to create a new or modify existed SPD image.
  • PSW Protection
    Enables SDRAM module manufacturers and OEM suppliers to protect SPD content of SDRAM modules by activating the Permanently Software Write Protection feature.
  • SPD EEPROM Identification
    Lets to identify vendor and model of the SPD EEPROM chip with on-die temperature sensor specific to DDR3 SDRAM modules.
  • SMBus Slaves Searcher
    Using the native SMB protocol this feature enables to find software visible SMBus devices of any type linked to the System Management Bus.
  • DCT Tunner
    To be used for estimating over-clocking capabilities of DRAM controller of AMD Family 10h and 11h processors by altering timing parameters.
  • Text Dump Import Function
    Imports SPD text dumps from a text file report created by third party hardware diagnostic software.
  • The largest SPD Database
    Consists of over 1000 SPD images of various PC SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and FB-DIMM memory modules.

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